School Operation

Qualified teachers who are regularly supervised and trained

Each Anandalok School has four qualified full time teachers. In addition to that, one school manager supervises three schools. Besides outstanding human values, the minimum qualification for a teacher is higher secondary certificate. However, most of the Anandalok School teachers have a Bachelor degree. The Teacher-students-ratio in each grade is 1:30.

Training of teachers and school managersThe teachers and school managers participate in a comprehensive 12-days workshop discussing basic pedagogical aspects, the school concepts, child-oriented teaching and learning methods and the creation of a joyful learning environment. A 5-days refresher training is provided to the teachers, which deepens the basic course’s content, reflects the practical experiences and connects teachers from different schools. Six times a year follow-up trainings are conducted: i) 1-day refresher training for teachers of pre-school classes, class 1 and 2; ii) 2-days refreshers training for classes 3, 4 and 5. During the refreshers trainings, teachers share their experience, discuss problems and best practice and draw up the lessons plans for the following months. In addition, the teachers participate in subject-specific trainings on Math, Bengali, English and Science. As part of these trainings the teachers have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on student-centred learning and teaching methods. Teachers also receive training on child rights, training on peace and conflict transformation and on ICT. Teachers of pre-class also receive a 5 days basic training along with a special material development training. Besides, teachers also go for educational trips and exposure visits for gaining more experience.

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