School Operation

Teaching model

The newly recruited pre-primary teachers in public primary schools attend a 5-day basic training for pre-primary teaching in the 1st year of the programme. The participants are specifically strengthened here in the areas of child-centred teaching methods, early childhood development, pre-school, and primary school concepts, learning through play, child-friendly environments, protective measures in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and support for children from marginalised groups and with disabilities. Begin-ning in the 2nd year of the program, 3-day follow-up trainings are held annually for pre-school teachers to refresh and deepen their knowledge of teaching methods, student assessment methods, and meth-ods to continuously follow up on student progress. They also share and reflect together on successes and challenges of their work in the schools and develop strategies to solve them. Beginning in the 1st year of the programme, 1-day refreshers will also be organized every six months for all pre-school teachers. Continuous follow-up of the basic training is ensured through regular monitoring visits by the partner NGOs and NETZ. All trainings take place in rented premises.

If teachers from the Anandalok model schools leave, a 7-day basic training is conducted after new teachers are hired. The basic training will strengthen their competencies in child-centered teaching methods and pedagogy, basic educational concepts, learning through play, a child-friendly environment, and support for children with disabilities. In addition, quarterly 2-day refreshers on the upcoming curriculum content will be conducted for all teachers of Anandalok model schools from the 1st year of the programme. The aim of the courses is to reflect together on experiences, best teaching practices, and challenges in the classroom, develop problem-solving strategies, and plan school activities for the period leading up to the next course. In addition, the topics of disaster preparedness, health, and hygiene, among others, are covered in relation to COVID-19. Experienced teachers from the Anandalok model schools will be specifically involved in the planning and implementation of the basic training and refresher courses. In addition, 3-day district-level planning workshops are held annually from the 1st year of the program. All teachers of the Anandalok model schools as well as the District Coordinators and responsible Education Supervisors participate in the workshops. Within the meetings, teachers exchange ideas on pedagogical concepts, jointly reflect on successes and challenges, and develop ideas for the further development of the schools’ model approach. Based on the experiences of the partner NGOs and NETZ, the workshops also contribute greatly to the motivation of the teachers. All trainings and workshops take place in rented rooms.

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