Secondary School Enrollment of Girls


Funded by: German Doctors

Duration: April 2023- March 2025

The objective of the Project: The project aims to improve the access to secondary schools for girls of remote areas and to decrease early marriage among the girls.

The Sustainable Development Goal of achieving inclusive and equitable quality education for all reconfirms the reality that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. This goal expects that all girls and boys complete primary and secondary school by 2030. The programme areas have a very high number of child marriages. These are both a direct cause of school dropouts and a consequence of them. Bangladesh has the highest rate of child marriages in the world. Anandalok Trust is implementing and providing technical support of a project now that is working with 114 formal schools including 80 government schools and 34 Anandalok schools which have been full-fledged primary schools as well established in cooperation with the local community and NGOs, Anandalok Trust and NETZ. The initiative of the projects:

  • The project will provide needs-based support, for enrolment fees for students from families living in poverty. Project staff along with school managing committee members also assist students’ parents in applying for government scholarships to secondary schools where they are eligible.
  • Need-based support such as additional textbooks, school bags, and umbrellas will be provided by the project to smoothly contain their education.
  • Girls who live far from the schools (at least 1km), will be given by-cycle. Project staff and SMC will select girls for this support and will follow them up for the appropriate use of the bi-cycles.