About Our Organization

Anandalok Trust aims to develop enlightened, critically aware and skilled human resources for more humane, equitable and just society in Bangladesh

Anandalok Trust for Education and Development (Anandalok Trust), a national non-profit organisation, was established with an aim to create quality education opportunities for out-of-school children in Bangladesh for pre-primary and primary level and to support self-help initiatives of marginalised communities who are deprived of their rights and entitlements. Anandalok Trust also strives to the capacity building and resources mobilization for poverty alleviation and the benefit of the grassroots by imparting new technologies, ideas and generation, research, dissemination and application of appropriate technologies contributing towards social and economic development.

Major objectives of the organisation include:

Untill now, Anandalok Trust facilitated the establishment and operation of 34 Anandalok schools in close cooperation with local communities as well as local and national Bangladeshi NGOs by international funding support. Anandalok Schools have become the sole program of this registered Trust. Anandalok Trust is comprised of diverse people who commonly have a passion for education and have become Trustees with very strong professional backgrounds. Since 2008, before being formally registered as an organisation in 2017, Anandalok Trust members have been providing technical supports for improvements in different areas, e.g. teaching-learning methods, capacity building of teachers and staff members and fundraising to strengthen the sustainability of Anandalok schools. Currently, Anandalok Trust is also working actively to mobilise local communities, volunteers and private supporters, regular donors for ensuring the sustainability of all Anandalok schools.

Our Team

Anandalok team is comprised of accomplished educators, creatives, strategists, writers, management experts, and fundraising experts. We rely on one another to share best practices, inform decisions around activities, and lend perspectives for a more complete vision. As technologies and trends shift, we improve and build upon our methodology - constantly adjusting procedures from research and ideation, to implementation, and ongoing assessment. Diversification and dedication is what makes the team so special. Anandalok Trust constructively and nonviolently stands up for the equal opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, belief, gender and other diverse backgrounds.

Md. Zafar Iqbal


Sohrab Uddin Mondal


Md. Shamsul Huda

Executive Director

Abu Sharf Manjurul Haque


Manjusree Mitra

Board Member

Habibur Rahman Chowdhury

Board Member

Md. Shahidul Islam

Board Member

Team members

Md. Shamsul Huda

Executive Director

Riasat Karim


Nazia Yeasmin

Programme Manager

Taposh Kumar Biswas

Finance Officer